For Older Men : Tips to Become an Attractive Man

tumblr_nmbfm9RKOP1rwx008o1_500As a general rule, a woman will find a man more attractive if she finds him appealing. To understand appealing, compare Tom Hanks to Tom Cruise. On a descending scale, women rank humor as number one, followed by sincerity, thoughtfulness, the way he dresses and being a good conversationalist as the top five attributes to being appealing.

To understand what makes a man appealing to a woman, consider there are three facets involved in making a positive first impression. The first is body language, the second is tone of voice and the third is the words he uses. When you approach a woman, she is reading your nonverbal communication. Your body language makes up 55 percent of the communication you are sending in that first impression. If you think that your appearance is sending a negative impression, consider a visit to a salon and invest in a quality hair cut that brings out your best facial features. Another consideration to positive body language is body space. If during that initial meeting, you are standing too close to a woman, she will get a very negative vibe and be turned off to further conversing.

Making a positive first impression, can make the difference between a “yes, I’d like to go out with you,” and “ewww! No thank you!” Here are five tips to become an attractive man.

1. Your eyes and smile – Women are more receptive to a smile. Many women feel that when a man smiles at her and says “hi” he is more appealing. Age discolors teeth; you can try using over the counter whitening strips or if the discoloration is significant, talk with your dentist. Since smiling is the gateway to an introduction, spend time making it inviting.

2. A man who cares about his appearance, this means clean shoes, clean fingernail (nails that are not too long or too short), and fresh breath. Women place MORE importance on clothing and shoes than men often realize. So if clothing is not a strong suit, then a visit to a nice department store. Working with a salesperson to help you pick out clothing that flatters your shape is worth the time and investment.

3. Be a man who is sure of himself. You do this by coming across as a man who is confident and isn’t clingy. To accomplish this, balance talking about yourself with asking about her. Be a good listener. Don’t be afraid to plan things, or make suggestions on the wine to drink. A woman likes a man who can be decisive and still ask for her opinion.

4. Demonstrate your youthfulness by being a man who is full of life. Show that you have energy and are not dull or boring. What activities do you do? Talk about what you like to do, the places you have recently traveled to and the good times you’ve had. Be someone who is interesting to be with.

5. A woman likes a man with just a little arrogance and cockiness. In general, women tend to equate it with confidence. Just don’t overdue it!

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