Better Kissers Get Laid More: Why Being A Good Kisser Is So Important!

younger women looking for older men Being a good kisser isn’t just something that will get you noticed by ladies. It’s something that will actually get you laid more! The average person spends a good deal of time kissing his or her partner and kissing often leads to some sort of sexual contact, in one way or another. It would make sense, then, that those that can kiss well would be more sexually appealing. Kissing isn’t just an indicator that someone is physically attracted to you, however. There is an actual science behind why good kissers get more action.

The science behind kissing

Scientists have discovered that people kiss one another simply because it feels good. Not all cultures have kissing, and there are many forms of kissing, but in general most cultures do some type of kissing. Your lips and tongue are riddled with sensitive nerve endings and it feels good when they are stimulated. Pheromones are released during kissing, and the more intense the kiss, the more pheromones get released. The pleasure sensors in your brain react, your heart rate increases, and you can even burin calories with a good kiss.

How it helps your relationship

Depending on who you kiss, your body will react differently to the stimulation of kissing. A person you’re dating will arouse you, while kissing your child will simply make you happy. Kissing makes people happy, promotes bonding, and decreases stress with happy pheromones. The more you kiss someone, and the better that kissing technique is, the more likely they are to feel close to you.

How it helps your sex life


If you can stimulate a woman’s lips and tongue in the right way, she will become aroused and stimulated in other areas. It’s really that simple. An intense, passionate kiss will let her body know to trigger sensations in other areas of her body to prepare for sex. Additionally, people can sense or even smell the pheromones of their partners. When you release pheromones in yourself and her through kissing, she can pick up on those and her body’s natural instinct is to become aroused.

How to be a better kisser

There are ways to be better at kissing, and most of them depend on your partner. If she’s the kind of girl that likes a lot of tongue, then give her that. If she’s the kind that likes for you to hold her close while kissing her, then give her that intimacy. In other words, take her lead and do what she enjoys. This is not to say that if she’s a terrible kisser you should give in to her and be a bad kisser, too. She has to stimulate you as much as you need to stimulate her through kissing. Just keep in mind that the more the two of you do engage in kissing, the more likely it will be that you will start to develop your own way of kissing one another that is amazing and unique to the two of you. There are a few tips, though, that will help you when kissing someone for the first time. Start out slow, don’t use a lot of tongue at first, and place your hands at their waist or behind the head. This will trigger a bodily response to being touched as you kiss them. Slowly build the kiss if they respond to your slow and light kiss. Apply more pressure, add a little more tongue, and go a little faster. All of this should be done gradually and you should pay attention to how they are responding to the kiss.
Better kissers do get laid more and there is a reason behind it. Kissing someone releases pheromones in them and you, it triggers the pleasure centers in the brain, and basically makes you happy. The more you kiss someone, the closer you feel to them. There are techniques that make you a good kisser, but ultimately they will depend on your partner and what she enjoys. Pay attention to her body language as you kiss her and you will be sure to kiss her the right way to get laid.

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