Why Younger Women Might Enjoy Dating an Older Man

Women mdating-etiquette-germanyature faster than men but does there still needs to be some dating rules for women . While some young men are still playing their video games all day, and horsing around with their friends, women are already thinking about or even looking for a partner and are also thinking about the dating rules for women. During the teen years, females are usually learning about their selves more, in comparison to young men who are focused only on satisfying their sexual urges, this does not mean they do not need guidance and in fact at this time some dating advice for women is just what they need.

Dating tips for Women

Often because of this maturity, teen girls find their male counterparts immature and seek refuge in the arms of an older man. This does not necessarily mean that the man is 10-15 years her senior, but more than likely 3-4 years older than her. Most of us can see this in the partnerships we have around us and it seems to be what men want. However, there are cases of women who choose to be with men old enough to be their fathers. There are a number of reasons that kind of desire could of developed. It could be the need to be financially stable, long-term relationships, and security. Others claim to stem this desire back to a possible one parent (usually just the mom) household; like the girl is on the hunt for the father she never had. There are cases that do support both perspectives. Some of course can point to the charismatic character of the older man and it does raise the question of what are the dating questions for women. How does a woman decide if this is right or wrong, the dating rules for women seem to suggest a small gap is correct but what about this 20year plus gap? is that correct? Personally speaking, I don’t see a big issue with young women dating older men, unless he was old enough to be your grandfather. Then that would just be too weird or a clear case of a “gold digger”. I had relationships with older men that were just fine. Not the epitome of perfection, but it was good while it lasted. The only downfall I can point out in that scenario is the mindset of the older man. Just because he is older, doesn’t necessarily make him mature. That factor could break a young girls’ heart, who thought that this older man was superman, saving her from boys only concerned with the prize between her legs. Women search for someone to take care of them and have good conversation with. Those traits have nothing to do with age. We just figure an older man with more experience may have those qualities we need because he is more experienced. Yet an older man, with the mindset of a boy is just like dating a teenager. It’s said best in Aaliyah’s song “Age ain’t nothing but a Number”. In a sense, I suppose you can say that women are searching for a man like their father, or the man their father should have been to them. But more importantly, what most women look for when dealing with a man is the possibility of spending her life with him.

Dating Rules for Women

We hear about the rules a lot and of course we are inundated with dating advice for women, so just what can we do. My dating tips for women are very very basic and short, follow your heart, if it feels right then it probably is right, if you are happy why would you want to change anything, listen only to what make you feel good and tune out the rest.

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