Should you ever “sext” younger women you’re dating?

1290895416_top-10-ways-to-attract-younger-women_6_副本If you’ve started dating a younger woman you may have noticed that she spends a lot of time texting you. Texting has become the preferred way of communication among younger crowds, and it leaves many older men wondering if they should partake in this form of communication. The answer is “yes,” because you want to let your young babe know that you are technology savvy enough to keep up with her. Another question you make be asking yourself is whether or not you should “sext” your hot, young thing. Sexting is texting nude or explicit photos, or phone sex conversations through text messages. The ins and outs of sexting aren’t as easy as one simple answer, unfortunately.

To sext or not to sext

You need to consider a few things before deciding to jump right into sexting. If the photos or texts you send got out, could it damage your career? Sexting photos and explicit texts through your phone is as dangerous as sending these things through the Internet. Once it is out there, your young cutie can do whatever she wants with it. Do you trust her enough with such material? If she did share it, could it be detrimental to you? If the answer is “yes,” then no, you should not engage in sexting. If the answer is “no,” then go ahead and enjoy it!

Rules of sexting

Generally, you should let your hottie initiate the sexting. If she’s comfortable with that type of interaction, she’ll let you know. Most girls today do enjoy sexting because it’s a great form of foreplay. You can arouse your partner just by telling her the things you think about all day when she’s not near you. Start with texts about how beautiful she is, how much you enjoy her company, and how you can’t wait to see her again. Slowly move into talking about how you’d like to kiss her, caress her, and get her naked. Sexting should escalate like physical foreplay. If your lady starts moving faster than you is the sexting, slow things down and makes her really want more from you.
After you’ve gotten her aroused and wanting you, send her a picture of you. Start it the same way as the texts and go slow. A picture of your face should be first, and then one of you clothed. Slowly undress for her and take pictures as you go to show her your body. As you sext her these pictures, ask for some in return. When she responds with her own pictures, compliment them and tell her your thoughts about her body. This will make her want you even more.
The decision to sext a young hot girl can be a hard one for a man that has never engaged in such communication. Sexting can come back to bite you if you are in a position where this would be seen as a negative thing. If you trust your young babe, though, or you feel comfortable enough to sext, this form of foreplay can be quite arousing and fun for the both of you. Start slow and ease into it, but once you’re both hot and turned on you can let your imagination run wild.

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