How to use your cell phone to flirt better with younger women!

2d9c7c7dc8d898725a36252e71fa303dCell phones have revolutionized the dating world. You use to have to talk to someone in person or call them on a landline phone to ask them out for a date. Those phones were used for talking, some flirting, and getting to know someone better. But cell phones have introduced text, which people now use to flirt with one another. If you have problems talking to younger women in person you can use your cell phone to start flirting better and getting more dates.
First, after you have a girl’s number you can text her just to say hi and ask how her day was. This will give her the option to be able to text you back if she wants to talk to you. If she doesn’t respond right away, she may be busy so don’t get too worried. If she hasn’t responded in 48 hours, she’s probably not interested. The great thing about texting is that it’s not intrusive even if she is busy she could respond if she wants without it being much effort on her end.

Second, after she has responded, do not jump right in and respond back. Let her wait a little bit, but don’t make it too long. Keep it casual when you do respond and don’t send a text that is a page long. Remember, you want to keep her guessing and interested. If you seem too eager she may think you’re desperate.
Third, you can either make a joke or compliment her. Tell her you thought her hair looked nice, or say something that lets her know you remember how you met. This will make her feel special to you and she’ll want to keep talking to you.
Fourth, after you’ve texted one another for a few days you can ask her out. Do not ask her out through text, though. Ask her if she has time for a quick phone call and when you do call don’t spend too much time on the phone. Say hi, ask how her day was, and then find out if she will go on a date with you. If she accepts, make plans then and after you’ve gotten off the phone, wait an hour or two and then text her that it was good to hear her voice and you’re looking forward to your date with her. If she declines, do not text her that night. In fact, do not text her until she texts you and even then you may want to give it a day or two. This will get the message across that you’re disappointed without being rude.

If you’re uncomfortable around younger women, flirting through text can be a great thing for you. It helps you keep things casual as you get to know the young girl you like. Additionally, you can flirt with more than one woman at a time through text. Just be careful you don’t get them mixed up and you can play the field without getting caught!

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