What To Say: Your First Call With A Younger Chick You Met On A Younger Women Older Men Dating Site

Talking to a younger women for the first time over the phone can make you feel anxious and excited, but if you don’t know what to say it can make you almost not call her. It’s not like talking to any other woman on the phone for the first time. Chances are you have had a chance to get to know her a little online and you feel comfortable with her through Internet conversations, but the first time you hear her voice or she hears your voice can make all your suave exterior go right out the window. Have a few things in mind you want to say and stick with them so the conversation goes smoothly.

Tell her 33_副本about yourself

She may already know lots of things about you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell her more. This can be something like telling her about your hobbies and interests you may not have shared with her before, or you can tell her about your day. Whatever you decide to talk about, open up to her a bit. She’ll appreciate getting to know you through your voice and what you tell her.

Ask about her

Don’t just blab on about yourself. Ask her about her day and ask her any questions you may have thought about that you’d like to know. Listen to her and enjoy her voice. The more you get into talking to her the more you’ll feel comfortable with talking to her and your nerves will subside, at least a bit.

Tell her why you want to hear her voice34-300x199_副本

Tell her you wanted to hear her voice so that you can get closer to her. Chances are you’ve imagined how she sounds for days or even weeks through online chats, and you just had to hear her voice. Let her know how excited and nervous you were to talk to her. She’ll find this cute and endearing, especially if you don’t actually seem nervous. It will also force you to get over being nervous so you’re less likely to make big goofs on the phone.

Express interest for further communication

At the end of the conversation tell her you’d like to keep talking to her. Tell her if she’d like she can text you if she wants, or call you sometime. This is also the best time to ask her on a date if you’re interested in taking her out. She’ll appreciate the date invite more if you do it while on the phone and not through email or text.

Talking to your sugar baby may come easy to you on the Internet, but when hearing her voice for the first time you could get a little nervous. To hide the nerves, plan a few things you’d like to say to her when you get to hear her voice for the first time. Let her know you enjoy talking to her, you love hearing her voice, and you’d like to keep talking to her. If you’re interested in a date this is the best time to ask her out. She’ll appreciate the invite and when she says “yes” it will make you less nervous for future communications on the phone with her.

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