What are younger women really attracted to older men

549b4f06a8262_-_elle-60-year-old-men-dating-v_副本Having flings with younger women can be exciting and fun, but if you don’t know what they are attracted to, it’s not going to happen for you. Young women seeking older men because older men have more of the qualities they enjoy. If you know what those qualities are, that you probably already possess, you can play them up to make them stronger and more appealing to any young babe you’re trying to start a fling with.


All men have to be confident to woo a woman, and that doesn’t mean just young women. It doesn’t matter your age or her age; the bottom line is that women favor confident men. When speaking to a woman you should always make eye contact, smile, and do not fidget. Twiddling your thumbs, shaking your leg, and not looking your interest in the face will indicate to her that you are nervous and don’t know how to act around women. That’s not attractive to any woman.


Older men have charm, naturally. They’ve been around and have developed life experience, so they have things to talk about that are truly interesting. Older men also have dated women and tend to know what they like. Dining and romance come easier to older men than younger men, so use your experiences to help you wow your date.


It has often been said that men get turned on physically and women get turned on mentally before a single touch even happens. Intelligence is very sexy. Along the same lines as charm, older men naturally have more intelligence than younger men because they have more life experience. Older men may also be more educated. Use your intelligence to talk to her and impress her. Once she sees how smart you are, she’ll be turned on by you.


You have a good job, assets, roots in your community, and stability that most young men won’t have. This is attractive to women, even if they aren’t looking to settle down with you. Just knowing that you can be committed and are a hard worker is sometimes enough to get a woman’s attention. Women like men that live up to their responsibilities and show commitment, so if you’re on a date you can talk to her about work, how you like to volunteer, and your community roots to make yourself more appealing to her.


If you like animals, she’ll like you. If you volunteer at a children’s hospital or the nursing home, she’ll like you. If you run in marathons to raise money to save the trees in a forest no one has ever heard of, she’ll like you. Bottom line is women like men that care. If you volunteer in your community for anything, tell her about it on your dates. There is nothing hotter to a young girl than a guy that tries to fix the world.

Finding what turns on young women is no different than finding what turns on an older woman. Women love confidence, charm, and intelligence. They like a man with stability and compassion. When you’re out with your hot date, let her see your good qualities and she’ll be hot for you all night.

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