Avoid these beginner SMS mistakes that kill your chances for getting with younger women

23-300x210When dating a young hot girl, you may be tempted to engage in SMS conversations, or text messaging. While this is a good way to stay in touch with your young cutie; it can also be detrimental to sealing the deal when you’re with her. There are mistakes all men, younger and older, make when messaging younger women, but knowing what to avoid can help you have fun while you sext and get you laid.

Don’t use text speak

When you text her, use full sentences and not “text speak.” Text speak is using abbreviations for words instead of the actual words. An example of this would be to say “l8tr” instead of spelling out the word “later.” While this may seem cool, it’s actually immature and young girls seeking older men want maturity. They can get immature text speak from boys. Using full sentences, and meaningful words, will actually make her respect you more.

Don’t text too often

Another rookie mistake older men make when pursuing young ladies is to text them too often. You may think you seem attentive, when really you just appear desperate. You want to come off like you are listening to her and giving her attention, but that you have other things you must do, as well. A man with responsibility that actually does what is expected of him is a turn on for women. It shows maturity and stability. A man that spends all day texting a young girl just looks like a man with nothing better to do with his time. Another issue with texting too often is that you will start to do it while you are with your lady. Do not text another woman while you’re on a date with your young babe. She will get jealous and may dump you.

Answer phone calls

If you are texting your hot lady and she calls you, either answer the phone or text her that you are in the middle of a meeting or other important venue and cannot talk on the phone at the moment. A girl hates when a man ignores her calls, but will text her instead. It makes it seem as if you have something to hide. Even if you are hiding something, cover it by telling her you cannot talk at the moment but you’ll call when you’re free.

Don’t send SMS to the wrong person

Another problem with texting as the main mode of communication is that you can accidentally send it to the wrong person. If you’re dating more than one younger woman at one time, you could mess up and let them know about one another. Be sure to always check the recipient’s name before pressing send. This will save you lots of arguing and trouble in the long run. Texting, or SMS conversations, can be a great way to chat with your young date all throughout the day, but you should follow some rules. Keep it mature, even if you’re sexting, and don’t do it too often. Answer phone calls when you can, and explain when you cannot. Finally, don’t text the wrong thing to the wrong person. Enjoy the freedom SMS can allow you, but don’t ruin your chances of getting laid with your date.

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  1. Christopher says:

    I have yet to recieve a txt, email, or call. Does this really Work?


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