How to Date A Woman Much Younger Than Yourself

article-1196381-058919F7000005DC-683_468x335_副本If you’ve never dated a younger woman before, it can be a scary thing to try at first. Knowing how to act, what to say, and how to dress can be important when trying to impress a woman that is younger than you are. The stress of it all is almost enough to make some give up on the idea of being with a young hot girl, but you don’t have to throw in the towel just yet. A few simple tips, or “rules,” can help ease the tension and make you more confident on your date.

How to act on your date

It may sound cliché but the best way to act around a younger woman is how you would act around an older woman. Young girls seek out older men because they like the maturity older men bring to the table. Remember, young girls can have young guys, but many young girls prefer older men. Older men have more confidence, they are more established, and they are more intelligent. They offer more stability and have more life experiences to talk about. Use these points to your advantage while you’re on a date with a young babe. Impress her with your knowledge and wow her with your experiences. In other words, be yourself because that is what you know how to do best. Women can tell when you are putting on a show or feel nervous.

How to dress for a date

Another reason younger women date older men is because they have class. This shows in everything from the car you drive, the liquor you drink, and the clothes you wear. What you wear will depend on the date. To really impress a young girl, take her out to an upscale restaurant for a nice dinner. Some younger women have never been treated to fine dining, so escorting your young date to a nice restaurant could catch and keep her attention. Dress the part and wear slacks and a button up shirt that compliments your figure. You may even be able to wear a suit depending on the rest of the events you have planned for the evening. While at dinner, order the wine or drinks for her, but do not attempt to get her drunk. While she may be impressed with how savvy you are she won’t be happy about you trying to take advantage of her young age.

What to say to your date

Again, be yourself. Talk about things you’re comfortable talking about, like work and your leisure activities. Let her do some talking, too, though. One thing younger men never do is ‘listen’. Older men know the value of listening to a woman, so show her that you can listen as well as you talk. Let her lead the conversation and respond appropriately. If she wants to talk about sex, don’t brag but also be confident in your answers. Women like confident men that aren’t show-offs. A good example of this would be if she asks you about your past number of sexual partners. You can respond with a straight forward answer and tell her the number, or you can say something that lets her know the only sexual partner you’re interested in at the moment is the one you’re having dinner with. This will flatter her, keep her guessing, and keep your past private. If you do not wish to talk about a certain subject, calmly and politely tell her so. Most young women respect older men enough to listen to them on such matters.

Being new to dating younger women doesn’t mean you have to be awkward about it. Just keep in mind that you used to be young once, and women haven’t changed all that much. Be yourself, show confidence, and flatter her. Listen when she talks, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Young women like older men because they tend to offer more intellectualism than young boys. Take advantage of that and use your experience to get more dates with hot, young girls.


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