How to Maintain a Romantic Relationship

89794663Whether you’ve started dating someone new, or have been in a relationship for years, it’s important to know how to keep the romance alive. There are a few simple things that you can do to show your sweetie that you value the relationship and want it to continue to develop.
 STEP 1Take a few extra minutes in the morning to send your significant other a text or email. Send her a text telling her that you think she’s beautiful, or send him an email letting him know that you can’t wait to see him that evening.
 STEP 2Plan a romantic outing, such as dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a picnic, for no “reason.” Your sweetie needs to know that you enjoy your time together, even when it’s not a holiday or your anniversary. Include special treats, such as packing his favorite fruits in the picnic basket, or taking her to a restaurant where her favorite live music will be playing.
 STEP 3Pay attention to your significant other, so that you know when he is in need of a getaway or some personal time with you. For instance, if you see that he is extremely stressed from work, arrange for a babysitter to take care of the kids while you enjoy a quiet dinner at home.
 STEP 4Change your appearance often and keep yourself looking attractive for your mate. Visit the salon as often as you can to keep your hair looking its best or in the style that he prefers, or keep your facial hair neat and trimmed if she loves this look on you. This will not only re-spark the romance in your relationship, but will boost your confidence in your appearance–and you’re bound to show this attitude to your loved one.
STEP 5Do activities as a couple that will strengthen your bond. For example, set aside a night or two each week to cook dinner together, or schedule your workouts with each other. Observing each other in different situations will help to make you more attractive to one another, and having fun together is a wonderful way to keep your romance thriving.
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